IHeartSeattle2014 for C89.5FM mix

The latest mix for the IHeartSeattle show on C89.5FM the Electrobox is now available online! The mix aired last night for Valentines Day and features all locally produced Seattle and NW area EDM producers. Mixed by DJ Julia, you can stream and or download now at soundcloud.com/djjulia.


1. “One Up (Drop of Fears)” – Pezzner feat. Amina
2. “Chosen of the Moon” – Fiendcraft
3. “Come to Love” – Futurewife
4. “Last Night in Utopia” – Pezzner
5. “In the Dark” – Osiris Indriya
6. “Closer” – SpaceShip Arcade
7. “Stallion” – Dexfa
8. “Rose” – Bassrock
9. “Pony Economy” – Mr Shave
10. “Unhappy Woman” – Dead Astronauts

Holy Ship! & Holy Ship!!

In January 2012 we ventured out on a ground breaking new party on the high seas called Holy Ship! The only way to describe it is by using an over used word; it was truly Epic. Three Days of cruising, and two stops on islands in the Bahamas, including a port town and a private Island. Showcased aboard the glamorous if not a bit gauche, MSC Poesia were some of the world’s leading producers in the “who’s who” of dance music. Definitely not the most underground names, but for certain, some top notch talent. Grammy winning in fact, if that is important to you. Articles released after the sailing on the Huffington Post, Mixmag, Rolling Stones, and many more well regarded publications, had something to say about it. Interestingly, this Maiden Voyage had rooms still available the day it sailed; I think people didn’t know what to make of it. After all, with a range of music from minimal techno and old school disco artists to bassline to electro to dubstep, what sort of crowd will this draw? One couldn’t help but wonder who we were all signing up to spend the next 3 days ocean bound together with. It was an absolute adventure like none other, complete with the perils of a minor ship wreck when a tug boat accidently lugged the large Italian vessel onto a sand bar. People kept a good attitude the entire time and spent the day adventuring on the islands, laying out in the sun, and other such tropical pursuits. A bit of sand was displaced but the boat was fine and the adventures continued. The second day included dancing in the Ocean and on the beach on a private island to the likes of Fat Boy Slim and others. As a dance music supporter and appreciator for decades, it was a vacation to remember. Being able to wander a huge ship from club to club with the only aim to enjoy music and friends (and of course a cocktail or two) is a nice little dip away from the demands of real life for just a moment. Warm island breezes on your skin with the moon shining up above in the center of the sky filling your eyes with light and quality music in your ears, and a nicely mixed cocktail in your hand, is a deserved break for any dancing enthusiast.

Everyone had such a blast, that when it was time to book for January’s 2013 cruise, it over 50% sold out to return cruisers and completely sold out in two days before even announcing the lineup. Talk about the power of word of mouth. So 2013 rolls around, time to set sail for Holy Ship!! not only are we riding the most bumping boat to ever sail the seas it’s also extremely hyped this time around. Definitely the second time through was a different experience from the first. It was quite enjoyable as well, but it was certainly different. Innocence lost for the ol’ Poesia, I saw some less savory behavior (if you are an offender you know who you are), but overall another a pleasurable danceathon with a few nice island moments and a whirlwind of celebrity DJ’s. Dancing under the stars in the middle of an inky black ocean in a wild pirate party seems fitting given the history of the area as the Bahamas as a popular hideout and destination for pirates of centuries prior. Many good musical moments of course, including the Fool’s Gold Rap party which featured a then relatively unknown Baauer as a surprise guest right before the Harlem Shake video craze ripped across youtube. The usual suspects who we love, such as A-Trak and Diplo also highlights of the voyage. As well as Gesaffelstein, Boys Noize and Kill the Noise ripping it up. I was a bit sad, Busy P didn’t show up as I as looking forward to his selection of choice french, electro and house cuts. We also enjoyed a late night set from Digitalism that tore up the floor a bit. Justice DJ’ed but I prefer them live. But hey, I was still on a cruise ship with Justice, why not?

What will 2014 hold? Well if you didn’t get a ticket already you will need to find someone who’s buddies bail on them and they have room in their cabin, because it sold out already in the prebook. Mostly to return shippers. This is an exciting phenomenon of a ride for the electronic music revelers I recommend experiencing it at least once if you enjoy dance music. I brought a small camera around and have a vacation like video from this time around for you to check out – mostly I’m recovering from working long hours and so dipping into a all night dance party like this was a bit of challenge and I was grateful for the inclusive coffee and snacks in the cafeteria that were perfectly adequate to fuel my dancing shoes (also a vodka redbull or three assists as well).

Enjoy the video below as I narrate through our little voyage.

You can also play find Julia as I’m in both of the official videos for a few frames.

Holy Ship! Official Video

Holy Ship!! Official Video

^hint this one is really hard, I’m in orange sunglasses and waving from a ferry

The power of Dance

It is interesting to observe media as electronic dance music becomes more and more accepted into the mainstream. There is a certain unified mentality that lies behind dance music that I believe has the power to unite the world. First of all, Dance in itself is a beautiful thing. It’s a pure form of human expression, using only the body and expression to communicate thought, feeling and emotion. Music and Dance itself is something that all cultures share. From the most tribal to the most modernized. Dance has been integral throughout human existance to the fabric of all of the world.

Not everybody dances, nor turns to it for expression. But alot of people also enjoy music. It helps us get through the day or night, sets a back drop to our outings rather it be a restaurant, shop, cafe, bar, party and of course, dance club. It encompasses all decades and eras, and helps us to feel vibration in ways never possible otherwise. One can take in a movie, symphony, opera or burningman -music will be there in full effect. Even the other main essential of modern day societal form of escapism; film, television, and video games are completely reliant on music as it’s backbone, and sound itself, to elaborate their message.

Music videos are ways that we set visual elements to music. Often music videos resort to formulas, and certain elements to please us. Sadly, even music television stations don’t air music videos in their prime time slots anymore. It seems current times have become more fascinated with the culture that springs up around these music fueled subdivisions of the culture of music, rather than the music itself. This lends itself to another topic another time.

However for now, I’d like to share some fun dance music videos that really have stood out to me over the past couple years.

In the sake of not spending months on this article, (or days even) I’m going to throw a few in here. Comment if you think of any others. I would absolutely love to see what is exciting you.

I tried to include videos with HD options wherever possible. Please allow the videos to load on the page, it may take 30 seconds or so.

I’m going to start by rewinding a bit. This live recording from 1978 caught my attention lately. Here is a beautiful time in dance music. I can only hope that people I care about, and/or are important to the world, are going to a better place, or are at peace or whatever they believe/manifest, when they die. So let this first track stand in tribute to the people that have touched my life, that have passed on lately.

If you haven’t seen this song performed live yet, I recommend it it’s special.
Donna Summers “I Feel Love” Live 1978

Ok so really it’s hard to follow an original like that but let’s move into some modern electronic dance music. I will often find myself gravitating to tons of different types of dance/electronic music as there are so many sub genres and sorts of thoughts around all the sub genres, so for this particular article, I’m going to stick to more polished bits of radio friendly goodness that also incorporate really cool feats of human performance. Whether it be dancing, stunts, or cool animation, here a couple more current dance tracks with fun videos.

Roller Skate and Skateboard action! DJ Fresh “Louder”

This number from Hospital Records artist, Camo and Krooked features stunt motorcycle riders ! “Watch it Burn”

Some tricky stunt driving and some edgy issues.
Mia “Bad Girls”

J Majik & Wickaman using the beauty of dance to express their recent song.
“In Pieces”

Another, RIP. DJ Mehdi was a dope producer, and this Thomas Bangalter edit (one of the members of Dafk Punk) is a song that really symbolizes this genre in my opinion. The video is tricked out cars and audio systems competing for decibels in France.
DJ Mehdi “Signature” (Thomas Bangalter Edit)

A cool use of Anime for Nero’s song of lost innocence.

Nice 3d work on this video for Camo and Krooked “All Fall Down”. I’m coming to find you now.

Absolut Vodka put together a music video of sorts for this advertisement for one of their vodkas. Cool costumes, classic cars, robotic dogs and
decent makeup.

Iceland’s Steed Lord creates a surreal journey to her mournful song “Bed of Needles” by combining interesting costuming, exciting makeup, and video effects for what appears to be a relatively low budget to the song above.

I’ll finish up for now with this interactive video, that I recently shared on Facebook. I find the concepts it uses interesting from a technical standpoint. And it’s certainly a banging track by Sub Focus. You can’t embed the interactive version as far as I can tell, but if you want to check out the interactive video take a look at: http://www.subfocus.com/outtheblue/
“Out of the Blue”
Here is the none interactive version:

Reworking the System

**this entry is written with the hope that submissions and/or corrections will be posted by the readers – I’m looking to get facts from every angle on this matter.**

Lately there has been something of interest happening in the United States. We have underway, dare I say, a revolution of sorts. However, as far as I can tell, the only violence has been from the police force against peaceful protesters. This is a beautiful thing, because, the only way this revolution will experience a positive outcome, is through non-violence. But as an active citizen, I’d like to take some time to identify some key issues that I think should be dealt with. While I lack the time to research the means in which to achieve these goals, I hope to shine some light on the outlines of some ways I think we can rework the network that is already in place, while creating a better future. Now I have to say that I’ve spent several months on this article, and this has now become a worldwide movement. And there has been one instance of violence that I heard about, and that was in Rome. Apparently the non-violent movement, was used as a platform to create violence. Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on your perspective, violence is not going to solve this battle of unification of systems on a world level to, A: Save our world, and B: Create a better future. Why? Because history has shown, that war and violence has only led to death and destruction.

Short-term Goals:
Trim the fat. Why is it that there is little to no regulations in place that control the way our money is used when we entrust it to banks? Why is it that CEO’s of banks that took billions of dollars of our money in bailouts make upwards of 400 million dollars a year? What are these people even doing to make this world a better place to live? Nothing. In fact, they are responsible for destroying the global economy yet they go unpunished!? In fact they get appointed to government positions! The EU has implemented regulations that restrict the amount of bonuses that are given to banking establishment employees that give out high risk loans and other such impractical and criminal behavior, yet the US can’t seem to get it together? What is going on? Have we really turned our backs on one another so much because of greed and money that we can’t seem to sort anything out? The short-sightedness of a select few is going to end up costing us our solidarity as a country (and already has), our stability as a world economy, and since it’s all one world for the most part these days, our future Global Economies, and eventually our planet. Things need to change. Big Time. That’s what the Occupy Movement is about. Demanding change. It obviously isn’t going to come easily. This is something that every individual needs to do their best to start gathering the facts about, and doing their part to help instigate this change. We can only be responsible for ourselves, therefore, now is the time, for us, to start acting as responsible global citizens. Empower yourself!

As individuals, we all have things that we enjoy, that we are good at, and that we can contribute to one another in a way that will continue our infrastructures in positive ways. These infrastructures will organically be redefined in a peaceful way, to positively benefit everyone if every individual is doing a job in which they don’t hate, and in fact derive some sort of pleasure from. There is enough people on the planet, to assure that every job is achieved. The most hated jobs that nobody wants to do should be replaced with mechanisms. Work smarter not harder. We have technology in place to create mechanisms that can do the most menial tasks. However with innovation, comes the inherent risks of “change”. The loss of unskilled, entry level work, is always a risk. Also, let’s face it, not all people wish to acquire skills and occupy themselves this way; not everyone wants to work. The only possible solution would be if as a collective species, we say, “I’m ready to take charge, be unafraid of progress, and tune in.” Dropping out got us no where fast, it’s time to take up the arms and time for reform! Everyday you have to work, so that you can work to improve things for yourself and your world, every day. Everybody wants something for nothing. What if all of us, always gave our Everything? A New Future like nothing mankind has ever seen.

A arguing viewpoint could be, as humans I think we have a constant fear of being overturned by our own inventions. I know, as a blogger, and someone who works in the creative field on computers, I’m constantly on a computer. This for me can be sad, as it is also very isolating from other humans. However I am also connected to people all over the world because of technology. What if, there were robots to gather the trash, and clean up the muck? I wouldn’t mind that. I also wouldn’t want some evil corporation building this for me. I’d want a responsible corporation, who is an active global citizen. Corporations aren’t people themselves, but they are filled with people. I’m not exactly anti-corporation, however I’m anti-greed. I think the term “corporation” needs to be redefined in a productive way. This word is outdated for “companies/collaborations/collections” of the future. I’d want these “corporations” to build me “nice robots”, so to speak. I think key companies that, overall, have shown to be responsible in this way, should be identified, and supported, while also being subject to the same, new regulatory standards that will be in place.

So far, as a movement, our first target, has been banks. This is clearly referenced above as to why this needs to happen. If anything, the way these jobs are regulated, needs reform. Come On guys. Let’s get this budget sorted fairly and properly. Stop playing games with power. Let’s identify key services that need to happen to ensure a better future. First of all, let’s reflect on the mistakes of about 150 years ago. What if, early inventors, were empowered to explore the electric engine? We, as humans, easily get drawn to quick solutions such as fossil fuel. Liquid Death. Let’s not dig up the past, though. Let’s move forward and concentrate our extra expenditures onto alternative solutions. Let’s see cleaner air and water in our lifetimes!. Let’s see the Rain Forest start to grow back!! Why not? If there was a collective shift to push these efforts, as a whole, we could accomplish this easily. And achieve the bottom line at the same time!

As humans, we come from the Earth, also from Space, as all elements do. We are all connected in this really intricate and fascinating way. Let’s focus on this and let Science, Love, and Health prevail. And yet a good time will be had by all.

Draft draft

This paper that was drawn up is symbol to a notion of TRUE FREEDOM. By getting what the old timers have on paper, changed to fit current times, we have true change – for now. Eventually we can create our own new systems but first the people have to Talk and up-rise, in a peaceful way that doesn’t repeat FAILed systems of the past. Take over from the inside and create real change? Or what, tear down all the architecture again and start over? Kill one another? No.

You spin me right round..

Two new DJ mixes in the “music” section ! HAI!


dj julia C89.5FM Electrobox Show 8/26/11 by dj julia
Barletta – “Set it Off”
Hirshee – “For You” (Dirty Freek remix)
Barletta – “I’ll Be There”
Jeff Daniels – “Blue Magic” (Hirshee’s Organ Mix)
Syl Johnson – “I’m Talking about Freedom” (Uppermost remix)
Bingo Players – “Cry” (Just a Little) (Kids at the Bar remix)
Afrojack Ft. Eva Simons – “Take Control” (Barletta remix)
B.o.B – “Beast Mode” (DJ Kue remix)
Frankmusik – “Do It In The AM ft. Far East Movement” (Kids At The Bar & Kroyclub Remix)
Barletta – “Come Down”
Snoop Dawg – “Sexual Seduction” (Skrillex remix)

MonStar-*Live set* by MonStar

Equality For All

I think it’s a good time to reflect on Equality, and what that really means. As humans, on a worldwide level, we should be able to seek as much happiness for our path in life, that is possible. We are all entitled to the same rights, atleast, within our own country, as everybody else. (Worldwide Politics is another story and something that you will probably see discussed on here in the future)

When we saw this story, we felt it was worth sharing, as it brought to light, several important topics to consider.

Republican New York Senator Comes out for Gay Marriage

“I’m tired of Republican-Democrat politics. They can take the job and shove it. I come from a blue-collar background. I’m trying to do the right thing, and that’s where I’m going with this.” – Senator Roy McDonald

This is an Independent based website, and we don’t believe in party lines, but we do believe in equal rights. There is no logical reason to not allow gay marriage. First of all, 99% of all the arguments against it come from the stand point, that “the Bible defines marriage between a man and a woman”. First of all, the Bible was written by Humans living thousands of years ago, we are talking about Prehistoric man here. The most recent book of the Bible was written sometime in between 68 or 69 AD and 95 AD. That is a long time ago! HUMANKIND was very different back then. And whether this book was divinely inspired or not, is another topic. Historically, we are looking back at a time period that was very different. Easy copulation between a man and a woman was important to the survival of the species! It was essential to the fabric of the society, then, in order to assure the continuation of future man. Well this is the future, yet we are still just evolving. And it’s a constant process. But the point is, any argument based on the Bible, is completely irrelevant because when it was written, those Humans, could not of foreseen what would be appropriate for Our Time Period. Whether they were transcribing “the word of God” or Humans just discovering Psychedelics, Meditation, or whatever causes one to muse at their own existence and the existence of others and a higher power and interpret that as “God”, “Buddha” or Whoever there is no way they would have known what we need now, because the transcribers are only Human. Accepting that fact is part of the process of accepting our own humility.

We now live in a time period where we are faced with over-population, millions of homeless children, starving children – healthy families in general are a rarity in our country. In the same places in the Bible that define marriage between a man and a woman, it also condemns premarital sex, remarrying after the death of a spouse, and divorce! Yet, all of those things are legal. Therefore the argument holds no water. And lastly, not all marriages are Christian! Or even religious for that matter! Everybody is entitled to their own viewpoint as long as that viewpoint doesn’t condone violence against each other.

Now from a governmental standpoint, you can basically reference above, in America, because the Constitution is tied quite a bit to Christianity, and you can’t tell me the Constitution has never been amended. Please, we do it all the time, because, again that was written 1787, and you can’t tell me society hasn’t changed by leaps and bounds since then! Our forefathers came here to escape being persecuted for their own religions and view points, to create a free Society to do as they wished, atleast until the Puritanical fervor caught ahold. So to not change it, to fit our Society now, in itself, is Unconstitutional!

Let’s set religion aside. And take the viewpoint, Gay Marriage is only going to bring money to whatever community endorses it. Trust me, the Gays that want to get married are going to get married so fast, the courts will be pouring in the dough. Divorce attorneys should also take delight…! More money, more jobs. And while we are still based around a monetary system of trade, until something new is invented, (i’m sorry but all the systems are failing right now and need reform) – Money helps fuel a society when it is spread more evenly.

And now for the most basic of arguments which really should be rudimentary to all of us, is that if we love someone, and want to spend the rest of our lives with them, or try to, then one person’s love has the same right as another person’s love. Who is to say that one’s love for another Humanbeing is superior to another persons love for somebody else? Nobody can say that. Therefore it is only right, that we offer equal rights, to every man, woman, and any other gender identification you may poses. We are all entitled to same rights!