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Its time to add some new music into the music section! First up we are so excited to announce the new project from regular musical contributor, HeartBeats !! In collaboration with his buddy, Jony Tucci, they have started a new duo called MonStar. If this first remix is any indication, there could be some good things to come from these two. Check out their brand new remix of the notorious techno electro hit, “La La Land” by Green Velvet.

Green Velvet – La La Land (MonStar Remix) by MonStar

Great note change and rework of a great song.

HeartBeats has also dropped two new tracks on his soundcloud that he recently shared with us. His remix of JustinTEARS, BMF track is a dark chugger that builds until it drops into an acid synth dominated bouncer. Sounds like square waves grinding freshly fallen lumber like chainsaws in the darkness.

JustinTEARS- BMF (HeartBeats Remix) by HeartBeats

After the toughie above comes a slightly fluffier track entitled “The Empire”. Or so it seems as it opens, and then HeartBeats tech side takes over and drops this into the grinder again. But this time we are lifted back out and delivered to what is reminiscent to some of atmospheric break downs in early rave anthems. Makes you want to turn on the fog machine and hold the hands up loosely outstretched towards the lasers.

The Empire by HeartBeats

Our last addition is a current DJ mix from dj julia. This dropped on C-89.5 FM’s Electrobox show June 18th 2010 as a promo for some upcoming gigs and to share some tracks of electro and electro house past, present and future. Dance Music like you like it.

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