Planet Disco is a concept that is based around a series of short web episodes. The purpose of the website is to play host for these continuing animation episodes, share music and to create a unique space for multimedia culture to explore the imagination.

Planet Disco is here to reach out to the global community and subtly encourage people to seek sustainable practices in their daily lives.

10% of any profits generated on this website will be donated to an organization that promotes sustainability and preservation of our natural resources in hope to spread awareness and to encourage people to get the facts on our dwindling natural resources here on Planet Earth.

Please view the exhibit or read the Thesis Statement for more information. (*note exhibit was created as an interactive space and was photographed after the exhibition show was over)

Planet Disco Exhibit:

Thesis Statement

As dwellers on planet Earth during this post-modern era, we are confronted with a unique set of circumstances. In our culture, we are faced with scientific evidence that we could see the end of many of our natural resources in our lifetime. However, this evidence is delivered to us in a way that is drowned out by advertising, popular culture, the need to be thinner, the need to be prettier, faster, smarter, make more money and so on. It’s hard to get to the basic facts of the world around us. If we don’t chose to practice better conservational techniques in our day-to-day lives, we could see some harsh consequences. Coupled with the fact that we are living in a depressed economy, people are seeking outlets from reality. While jobs are scarce, the emergence of high profile 3d films, immersive online video games, and giant television screens are being consumed as much as ever. Like the in 1930s, escapism is at an all time high yet we need to know, especially as artists, directors, producers and so forth, that we are facing some global issues that must not be ignored. The only way to spread the word of better conservation of the Earth’s natural resources is to make efforts within popular culture to carry this message or to contribute to conservational groups with profits generated from mass media. However, the message can’t overpower the art to where it becomes confusing or disengaging.

Here is where we come in as individuals. As artists, our main objective is to entertain our audience in some way and elicit an emotional response from the viewer or listener. Like the range of different emotions and reactions to art, there is a range of different types of art and design. With this project I’m seeking to explore the humorous side of design, art and entertainment. I’m also aspiring to engage my audience in a way that is not just funny, but also an emersion into the various senses. I’d like to stimulate the aural sensations while entertaining the viewer in a lighthearted way. I also hope to play on pop culture and push the boundaries of pop art. Like the massive expanse that is the galaxy in which we reside, so are the limitless possibilities of the imagination. I want to use my art to subtly promote sustainability. If we all took this approach in our daily lives, encouraging one another to “live more green” and get the facts about dwindling resources it would benefit our planet greatly.

Planet Disco is three parts. Web, Reality, and Entertainment


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