Thoughts on the Target Boycott

Here at Planet Disco, we are equalists. Our bottom line is promoting an environment of equal opportunity, not only on a societal level, but on a environmental level as well. This effort is massive.

We believe in the right to believe or not believe in what god you chose, as long as Your god or lifestyle is not promoting violence.

Here’s what we wrote on the Boycott Target page on Facebook that now has over 45,000 members in just a few days.

“BOTTOM LINE IS, ITS ABOUT EQUALITY – it starts here and is important on a global scale. Hate is not something we have time to worry about – especially under the guise of Christanity. If Jesus was alive today, he would be displeased with any action that promoted any sort of hate. At the time, the hot issues were Whores (who were primarily of a heterosexual nature mind you) he said love all – So LOVE ALL – apologies go a little way but making action to work towards equality for all beings on this planet is the first step to reaching the highest state of consciousness. I’m not saying Gays are the new Whores but they are the new hot topic that people want to hate – so get the facts and spread the message of love not hate. Discriminating against homosexuals is no different then discriminating against someone because of their race, nationality, gender, hair color, etc.

There has been something for everything from the beginning of time. Homosexuality has been accepted part of many cultures throughout history, and in fact, in many Native American cultures, especially on the west coast, they were viewed as Shaman. In ancient Rome, when Christanity was really hitting the mainstream as a major religion, because mind you, no matter what, religion is created by man who is simply hoping to fathom whatever God may or not be, this was a common practice. The art that surrounded it was censored by new Christians who also saw to the downfall of a major capitol. All their systems failed. So why is it that you think your systems are struggling now? Drop the hate or be doomed to repeat history. Hate has been the collapse of every major society throughout history. Just think what we can create Together, if for once, we learn from our mistakes in the past?

In the same passage in the Bible that warns against homosexuality, it also warns about coveting thy neighbors wife, or premarital sex, and so on. There can not be double standards. To condemn homosexuality with such fervor, then one must also punish all those that go against its warnings. Since that is not possible nor practical for this day in age, then one must also make amends with what frightens them so about homosexuality. Always get the facts and all sides of the story. You wouldn’t send to hell, your grown children for sleeping with their future spouses or dates of a heterosexual nature, and I’m sure many at target weren’t virgins before getting married, so lets drop the hate, the Bible was written how many years ago? For a time period long passed. We must continue to spread love and continue the good writings not that of hate. ”

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Spread Love.
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