Mr Trump

Well, I tried. I really did. And I know alot of you did too. While Clinton carried 96% of black women voters, and 79% of Latina voters, she managed to only carry 51% of white college educated women while Trump did shiningly well with White, Rich male voters, who you got it folks, were the status quo before, and still are. White men (and almost half of white women) won you Trump, for the most part. *A majority of white women voted for Trump, disproportionately those who are older, religious and without college degrees — in other words, women who may be more steeped in, accustomed to and dependent on male authority. For these women, it seemed race trumped gender, and white supremacy was more important than broader freedoms for women. While this is disappointing, it’s also perhaps to be expected: White women in many of the states that supported Trump have historically been supporters of segregation and racism just as surely as their husbands, and have also typically opposed many of the laws that would improve conditions for all American women.* He also swept people making more than $50,000 a year, who also guess what, bought into the whole bring back coal, frack the public lands, let’s make america great since this black man’s been fucking it up, spiel. This pokes some holes in the idea that Clinton only represented for white feminists, (white people did not vote for her, really, in fact i guess there are far less feminists in general than our cozy little media bubble predicted), but I really don’t want to get into blaming, and finger pointing, because the Bernie or Bust crowd who are now busted as hell, and all the the Koch controlled “libertarian” bros, brogrammers, and the other elite males who could somehow more easily stomach a Trump presidency (because less face it, email mismanagement is now (has always been I guess???) Officially more concerning than sexual assault), got what they wanted when they turned in their vote for Mr Trump or voted against the electable progressive; will take care of all the blaming. They’ll blame the DNC (which will warrant lots of investigation), instead of the Republicans, who are clearly more unified than the progressives. It’s a shame some battleground states were so close, and I hate to be another Clinton supporter yelling at 3rd party voters, you did what you thought you had to do, and you got, what you got. What’s curious to me, that you think that this puppet is less scary. This is the scariest of all puppets. You know maybe he’ll do a 180, and not overturn gay marriage, roe vs wade, healthcare, frack and mine oil on a level never before seen in our country or any of the terrifying things in his policies; but it’s doubtful considering the Republican held strongholds in all levels of government. Read The glimpse of a green energy superpower run by a would of been President Clinton who’s bad at checking emails on her phone but pretty damn kick ass at saving the planet (or atleast trying, somehow from her place in the middle of the patriarchy Read), is over. 4 years is a long ass time. After receiving death threats on Facebook for sharing similar thoughts posted here, I’ll be on what they call a Facebreak. Enjoy your shit sandwich. I refuse to eat it, but sadly, will now be force fed to me because as we just showed our young people around the world, like Trump touts, consent isn’t needed to get what you want, you can just force feed that shit. You thought the DNC crammed Clinton down your throat? Trump is going to be the worst swallow yet. Be a slick fucker with a baseball bat and bunch of angry dudes, and people will fall into line. (scary how many times over the centuries we’ve seen this narrative before) the-walking-dead-s07e03-still-2 I don’t feel bad for my run on sentences, it’s now Trump nation. (the photo and reference about the baseball bat is from the Walking Dead, in case you haven’t seen it)

I can only hope, that this inspires people who didn’t take this seriously before, to get active because we all got our work cut out for us now. If you thought it was challenging to be anything but the status quo in the USA (which is still, not shockingly, men) before – I fear we are far far far worse off now. All the blue liberals showing up still in Washington DC right now, and yes, apparently you weren’t blue enough when you made all the progress that you did, against a fucked white supremacist patriarchy, you are now going to have to work harder than ever. I sent my dollars, my support, my voice, I even bit the bullet and took phone calls, I sent my platform out, but it wasn’t enough. We had a period of retreive where left leaning agendas such as equal rights were passed through under Obama, and people got greedy and took that for granted. They will call it the democratic elitists who lost, but I can assure you it will be the those who are not represented by the white supremacist patriarchy who will pay the highest price. While she won the popular vote, it wasn’t enough to turn the tide on the status quo. Hate won that battle.


*Washington Post

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