Monster Disco

Its been a bit since we’ve last posted. Outside projects have been keeping me busy but I wanted to check in because its one of my favorite holiday weekends. In order to help get you in a celebratory mood for all your Halloween festivities, we are going to get in touch with some roots and post up some rare recordings of some favorite Disco Classics!!!

To transition from current dance music to the disco past, we are starting with a track that is definitely disco, but we’re starting to hear more of the sound that is dance music today. A bit like “Acid Disco” in a sense, if thats a term.

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What has PlanetDisco been up to?

A quick recap! We’ve been working exclusively with the Seattle club, Kremwerk, helping to grow it into a Complex of entertainment and fun. Our latest booking was for Seattle Pride 2017!

Next up we are helping organize and bring together our first Festival Event, September 21st – 24th called Kremfest!

Follow this website: KREMFEST.COM

Boycotting, The Economy, The Environment and You

I’ve been considering the various effects different actions have on one another on a both a micro and macro level. It is my opinion, that to have a successful organization of people, such as a, community, nation, and world, that you must have all the various extremes of life to counterbalance things. Note, I say extremes of life, however, I do not mean that to include violence or hate. Reaching the highest level of understanding that mankind can have, means leaving those two mentalities behind. Whether this is possible or not, is only controllable on an individual level. Meaning, as individuals we are responsible for own actions. There are many factors that play into this such as mental defect, though this is dealt with in a different manner, which is then, the family or society must treat the individual to the best of their ability in order to help said affect person live a healthy life. At the same time, Science, must address the issues that lay behind mental defect. We have many unexplored causes and cures and medicines and therapies that go undiscovered due to people creating red tape for researchers. This is applicable on an individual level as well. As healthy or as functioning yet challenged individuals, we are constantly creating red tape for one another, putting up little boundries on how we communicate openly because of past experiences or suspected “wrongs” we constantly inadvertently perpetuate upon each other. In order to reach a greater system of communication, we must always endeavor to overcome this innate desire to perpetuate the greed, the hurt and the anger that others have shown us in the past. That doesn’t mean being a sucker nor does that mean embracing one’s negative personality disorder disfunctions, there must be lines drawn between actual mental defect and personality disorder that can be overcome by the individual, or by the individual with some assistance. One does not allow someone to constantly take advantage of them, and not stand up for themselves, however this will occur naturally in the individual who will take the time to day by day be a little stronger and fight a little harder for what you believe in and for living more healthy each day. Its all about finding balance and equality in all things.

Moving on from You, and Me to talk about daily actions of society. Lets take a look at Boycotting, and how it affects both the the Economy, and in the following examples, The Environment and ultimately, the Self. Those who oppose Boycotting BP, or companies such as Target, tend to be more politically conservative, yes, but also, I think aren’t thinking enough outside the box. The argument against boycotting is that it then ultimately costs the working man jobs. All those people digging a living out of oil wells for BP, or working in those check out lines trying to pay their way for school, maintain a young family, a retiree, etc for Target, they are the ones that are going to get hit, say the argument. Well I say, why is it that way? The government is already involved on a political level with this companies, why shouldn’t the people that actual make these horrible decisions (At the Company you may be Slaving for) get punished? There should be large scale highly public corporate investigations into companies who partake in Environmental Short Sightedness, Bigotry and Discrimination. Unfortunately we do not live in a society where the Government is willing to take this sort of action right now. Corporate bailouts? Yes, but there should be corporate regulation on a much higher scale. Here is where the red tape comes in again – These large scale corporations have the money to get in the pockets of many of the people who go up for political office, therefore they do go unpunished. The only way to hurt big companies right now to hit their pocket book. And unfortunately, that means sacrifice for you and me. Here is where both corporate responsibility and political integrity must come into play. Back your ponies wisely, and those running for political office, you must eliminate the greed factor while still keeping everyone rich, comfortable and happy. To this is the solution that we all collectively must be meditating on everyday. To me, it all starts with Equality. Hard Work Equals Just Rewards. Corporations, you must be morally and environmentally responsible in order to maintain longevity for your creation.

Lets go back to Corporate bailouts, what if, instead of such, those who cost the money or created the failed system, is investigated, if Criminal activity is found, then, according to our justice system, these people must be punished. We have the potential to have a good justice system, but we must get the under-handed exchange of money out of the justice system as well. We scream about gay marriage these days – whether its constitutional or not, yet many behaviors that fly in the face of our founding fathers and mothers and against the CONSTITUTION ITSELF go on within the System that would have them turning in their graves. Again, more double standards.

Cut the Tape.

Lets drop the labels, the barriers, the lessons in Hate – and learn to cooperate. How about instead of Bailout money that goes to creating the same problems, we remedy the problems, and invest in programs that offer worker retraining. What if incentives were given to companies to research eco-friendly alternatives, and workers were trained on how to either aid in this or operate in safer manners? Or trained to enter new industries that are just beginning to flourish? Its all about restructuring from the inside out. On both a Economic level and as individuals.

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Follow up Thoughts

Now is the time for companies that were invested in oil, to turn their interests to alternative fuel plans that are eco-balance-friendly – and for the companies that have already been working towards this or within this industry (alternative fuels), to receive the funding they need through investors and government.

We must really concentrate our efforts to find a way to co-exist in a sustainable manner with our planet, in order to regain harmony for all beings on this planet, now, and in the future.

Julia vs. The Man pt1

So for my first media related post I’m going to touch on some fun pop remixes I’ve been discovering lately. And also, their video reworks as well! Now, more then ever, pop culture is being influenced by dance music, and vice versa with artists such as Lady Gaga, who, regardless of if you like her music or not, is continuing to bring dance music to the masses and make it more palatable for the mainstream. Whatever your take on this is, if you are a dance music artist, this can only help you, as more and more people can understand the music that really moves you! For the dancers, who are the other part of the formula, there are more people to dance with!

Here is some videos that I’ve found that are a very good time! Brought to you by Smash Vidz on Vimeo.
Rihanna – Rude Boy (TC Remix)

Check out the other videos on Smash Vidz for more popalicious delights!

Now back to the underground…….

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Last day of Exhibit

Today (May the 22nd) is the last day Planet Disco will be up as an exhibit. Come by, grab a business card and a postcard (they’re free!) and check things out. A nice show to see while you still can! (read below posts for location, etc.) :D
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Try out the site!

Go ahead and explore! Thats what its here for!
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