Moving Forward

The pictures are up from the exhibit. (scroll down) I took them right before breaking everything down. I intended the space to be interactive so wanted to capture what it looked like after being up for a week.

Everything was pretty much intact, except there were finger prints everywhere, somebody inserted their biz card into my display, there was a left over champagne bottle and someone might have destroyed my KRK Rokits (my sweet little studio monitor speakers shown in the corner), which isn’t confirmed yet as I have yet to retest them at home. Hopefully the speakers still work, as I hope to rock out some new original music soon, or collabs and whatnot and need them for my home studio (though its not like they are my only pair of speakers, ;) you know how we do! Generally I wouldn’t leave nice equipment like that unattended however it was for a design exhibit, my first of the like, so I may have to view them as a casualty of art.

Moving forward, this section of the blog will serve to host found items. Mainly of a digital nature, like many standard blogs, and regular postings about the site itself. The internal pages will be more exclusive to Planet Disco approved or created content. I’m getting the animation into a gallery form so that it may be featured here, and adding a beginning and an end to the game.

Additionally, I’d like to host some of the scans of the drawings I did that were used in the animation, as all the celebrities were hand drawn. I originally intended the exhibit to be as paper free as possible, however since these assets were created, I would have liked to have included them in the exhibit. Being a motion designer, I was so concerned with the digital aspect, I didn’t think of that until the day of the show and by then it was too late. (though the drawings had obviously been created well before animation was finished) Maybe next time. Ha.

This site, like the story being told by the animation, is something that will evolve and unfold gradually.

Coming soon! Planet Disco Episode 2!
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Last day of Exhibit

Today (May the 22nd) is the last day Planet Disco will be up as an exhibit. Come by, grab a business card and a postcard (they’re free!) and check things out. A nice show to see while you still can! (read below posts for location, etc.) :D
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Try out the site!

Go ahead and explore! Thats what its here for!
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Today’s the Day!

Well we officially go live today! The latest Planet Disco Episode will be featured on display as part of an exhibit at Cornish College of the Arts. (as we explained in the previous post)

Check out the animation section to see the pilot/animatic episode of Planet Disco.

The latest episode is exclusively viewable at the exhibit for the duration of the show and then we’ll get it hosted up here!

So much work to do on the site still, but everything is up and running and ready to be filled with all sorts of excellent content. We’ve been working hard! Hope you can check out the show, if not stay tuned to this site for many
new developments.

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Planet Disco Launch/Exhibit !

Planet Disco will be officially debuting as part of the Cornish College of the Arts Senior Thesis Design BFA show. This is open to the public and is May 14th 2010 from 5pm – 9pm. Planet Disco will be featured along with 76 of the most dedicated artists and designers in Seattle. Other exhibits include graphic design and printmaking, painting, video, other animations and photography. Join us at:

Cornish Main Campus
1000 Lenora Street, 1st Floor
Seattle, Washington, USA, Earth

The Design exhibit will be up from May 15th – May 22nd 2010 and can be visited between the hours of noon and 5pm Monday – Saturday. For more information please visit:

Planet Disco is the brain child of Seattle Designer, Julia Camp. More content will be posted to the site closer to the show.
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Hello world!

Welcome to the Planet Disco site! This is our first official post! Stay tuned for exciting developments!
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