Rogue International Promotion

Recently some Planet Disco members did some traveling and took the opportunity to pass out some postcards and whatnot. Check out some photos! The first photo is NYC, the rest are all taken in Paris, France. Good times.

photo credit: jen hsieh

Check out dj julia dropping beats on her birthday in Paris! Party!

dj julia radio appearance + afterhours !

Just a quick post to share dj julia’s latest mix from the radio!

Originally aired: 02/18/11

C-89.5FM Electrobox mix 02/18/11 by djjulia


1. Mark Ronson and the INTL Business feat. Boy George “Somebody to Love me” (Holy Ghost! remix)
2. Barresto “Midnight Walk”
3. Pocket 808 “Ghostship” (Hook ‘n Sling remix)
4. Wolfgang Gartner “Latin Fever” (Zedd remix)
5. Starjackers “(Givin) All my Love”
6. Living Joy feat. Janice Robinson “Dreamer 2009″ (Dabruck and Klein remix)
7. Calvertron vs Qalvr “Raw 2 Da Floor” (Lazy Rich remix)
8. Aston Shuffle “For Everybody”
9. Detboi “Voices in Heaven”
10. Kanye West “Blame Game” (Calvertron Booty remix)

Later that night we hit up Friday Afterhours at Club Contour for some dance party action – get a glimpse of dj julia in the mix!

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