The power of Dance

It is interesting to observe media as electronic dance music becomes more and more accepted into the mainstream. There is a certain unified mentality that lies behind dance music that I believe has the power to unite the world. First of all, Dance in itself is a beautiful thing. It’s a pure form of human expression, using only the body and expression to communicate thought, feeling and emotion. Music and Dance itself is something that all cultures share. From the most tribal to the most modernized. Dance has been integral throughout human existance to the fabric of all of the world.

Not everybody dances, nor turns to it for expression. But alot of people also enjoy music. It helps us get through the day or night, sets a back drop to our outings rather it be a restaurant, shop, cafe, bar, party and of course, dance club. It encompasses all decades and eras, and helps us to feel vibration in ways never possible otherwise. One can take in a movie, symphony, opera or burningman -music will be there in full effect. Even the other main essential of modern day societal form of escapism; film, television, and video games are completely reliant on music as it’s backbone, and sound itself, to elaborate their message.

Music videos are ways that we set visual elements to music. Often music videos resort to formulas, and certain elements to please us. Sadly, even music television stations don’t air music videos in their prime time slots anymore. It seems current times have become more fascinated with the culture that springs up around these music fueled subdivisions of the culture of music, rather than the music itself. This lends itself to another topic another time.

However for now, I’d like to share some fun dance music videos that really have stood out to me over the past couple years.

In the sake of not spending months on this article, (or days even) I’m going to throw a few in here. Comment if you think of any others. I would absolutely love to see what is exciting you.

I tried to include videos with HD options wherever possible. Please allow the videos to load on the page, it may take 30 seconds or so.

I’m going to start by rewinding a bit. This live recording from 1978 caught my attention lately. Here is a beautiful time in dance music. I can only hope that people I care about, and/or are important to the world, are going to a better place, or are at peace or whatever they believe/manifest, when they die. So let this first track stand in tribute to the people that have touched my life, that have passed on lately.

If you haven’t seen this song performed live yet, I recommend it it’s special.
Donna Summers “I Feel Love” Live 1978

Ok so really it’s hard to follow an original like that but let’s move into some modern electronic dance music. I will often find myself gravitating to tons of different types of dance/electronic music as there are so many sub genres and sorts of thoughts around all the sub genres, so for this particular article, I’m going to stick to more polished bits of radio friendly goodness that also incorporate really cool feats of human performance. Whether it be dancing, stunts, or cool animation, here a couple more current dance tracks with fun videos.

Roller Skate and Skateboard action! DJ Fresh “Louder”

This number from Hospital Records artist, Camo and Krooked features stunt motorcycle riders ! “Watch it Burn”

Some tricky stunt driving and some edgy issues.
Mia “Bad Girls”

J Majik & Wickaman using the beauty of dance to express their recent song.
“In Pieces”

Another, RIP. DJ Mehdi was a dope producer, and this Thomas Bangalter edit (one of the members of Dafk Punk) is a song that really symbolizes this genre in my opinion. The video is tricked out cars and audio systems competing for decibels in France.
DJ Mehdi “Signature” (Thomas Bangalter Edit)

A cool use of Anime for Nero’s song of lost innocence.

Nice 3d work on this video for Camo and Krooked “All Fall Down”. I’m coming to find you now.

Absolut Vodka put together a music video of sorts for this advertisement for one of their vodkas. Cool costumes, classic cars, robotic dogs and
decent makeup.

Iceland’s Steed Lord creates a surreal journey to her mournful song “Bed of Needles” by combining interesting costuming, exciting makeup, and video effects for what appears to be a relatively low budget to the song above.

I’ll finish up for now with this interactive video, that I recently shared on Facebook. I find the concepts it uses interesting from a technical standpoint. And it’s certainly a banging track by Sub Focus. You can’t embed the interactive version as far as I can tell, but if you want to check out the interactive video take a look at:
“Out of the Blue”
Here is the none interactive version:

Pop as a Worldwide Language

On the tail end of our last post, and for our preparation for our next journey coming at the end of the month, to Asia(!!!), we thought we’d keep with the international vibe and celebrate some of the off of center dance pop of the world.

Let’s start on theme with a little disco number from the UK. Interestingly, this was Sarah Brightman’s of the Opera world’s debut. Funny how it all connects together..

Sarah Brightman with Hot Gossip “I Lost my Heart to a Starship Trooper” (1978)

Sticking to the pop theme for now let’s fast forward to current times and give this act a look. Being billed as a “concept” rather then a “band” (much like the above) I can see big success for this group. Seems to touch on a youthful careful vibe while still being sexy and for grown ups too. However definitely at risk of being too much of a “creation” and too plastic we’ll see how it catches on in the States. Its got all the polish, shine and formula of a other internationally successful pop acts that is for certain. Straight out of South Korea (we don’t often get music from them!):

T-ARA “I Go Crazy Because of You”

T-ARA “(티아라) – Why Are You Being Like This(왜이러니) ”

Now let’s move onto something less slick and slightly more off center.. we’ll ease you in…this has a nerd girl vibe and still nice and bubblegum. Read on after this if you desire something darker. Get to know Japan’s Tomoko Kawase and her two rather clever alter egos. A light side and a dark side…

Tommy February6 “je t’aime ★ je t’aime”

Tommy Heavenly6 “Lollipop Candy ♥BAD♥ Girl”Yes that is a ten minute song with pumpkins, lollipops, and wizards for a band. Love it.

And now for probably the most epic artist we’ve uncovered, with a career spanning from the early 80s until now, she is more ground-breaking then Madonna and far edgier then Lady Gaga (<3 u still babies), and has sold over 25 million records, yet you may have not have heard of her? Because the French have an obsession with the macabre that doesn't always translate to other cultures. We think she is brilliant. Her videos are shot like films; each detail paid attention to from sets to costumes. She has too many amazing videos to post, here is a couple to tempt your palette, look her up and watch them all if you like this. Mylène Farmer "Libertine" (1986)

Mylène Farmer “Oui mais Non” (2010)

The woman doesn’t age and she’s hot too. And she can make one hell of a live show as well.

“Intro Mylene Farmer Live in Bercy 2006″

The video is a little low res which is too bad gotta get our hands on the HQ of this but yes, we are very impressed.

That ought to give you enough to tantalize your music and visual senses for now.