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Two new DJ mixes in the “music” section ! HAI!


dj julia C89.5FM Electrobox Show 8/26/11 by dj julia
Barletta – “Set it Off”
Hirshee – “For You” (Dirty Freek remix)
Barletta – “I’ll Be There”
Jeff Daniels – “Blue Magic” (Hirshee’s Organ Mix)
Syl Johnson – “I’m Talking about Freedom” (Uppermost remix)
Bingo Players – “Cry” (Just a Little) (Kids at the Bar remix)
Afrojack Ft. Eva Simons – “Take Control” (Barletta remix)
B.o.B – “Beast Mode” (DJ Kue remix)
Frankmusik – “Do It In The AM ft. Far East Movement” (Kids At The Bar & Kroyclub Remix)
Barletta – “Come Down”
Snoop Dawg – “Sexual Seduction” (Skrillex remix)

MonStar-*Live set* by MonStar

Equality For All

I think it’s a good time to reflect on Equality, and what that really means. As humans, on a worldwide level, we should be able to seek as much happiness for our path in life, that is possible. We are all entitled to the same rights, atleast, within our own country, as everybody else. (Worldwide Politics is another story and something that you will probably see discussed on here in the future)

When we saw this story, we felt it was worth sharing, as it brought to light, several important topics to consider.

Republican New York Senator Comes out for Gay Marriage

“I’m tired of Republican-Democrat politics. They can take the job and shove it. I come from a blue-collar background. I’m trying to do the right thing, and that’s where I’m going with this.” – Senator Roy McDonald

This is an Independent based website, and we don’t believe in party lines, but we do believe in equal rights. There is no logical reason to not allow gay marriage. First of all, 99% of all the arguments against it come from the stand point, that “the Bible defines marriage between a man and a woman”. First of all, the Bible was written by Humans living thousands of years ago, we are talking about Prehistoric man here. The most recent book of the Bible was written sometime in between 68 or 69 AD and 95 AD. That is a long time ago! HUMANKIND was very different back then. And whether this book was divinely inspired or not, is another topic. Historically, we are looking back at a time period that was very different. Easy copulation between a man and a woman was important to the survival of the species! It was essential to the fabric of the society, then, in order to assure the continuation of future man. Well this is the future, yet we are still just evolving. And it’s a constant process. But the point is, any argument based on the Bible, is completely irrelevant because when it was written, those Humans, could not of foreseen what would be appropriate for Our Time Period. Whether they were transcribing “the word of God” or Humans just discovering Psychedelics, Meditation, or whatever causes one to muse at their own existence and the existence of others and a higher power and interpret that as “God”, “Buddha” or Whoever there is no way they would have known what we need now, because the transcribers are only Human. Accepting that fact is part of the process of accepting our own humility.

We now live in a time period where we are faced with over-population, millions of homeless children, starving children – healthy families in general are a rarity in our country. In the same places in the Bible that define marriage between a man and a woman, it also condemns premarital sex, remarrying after the death of a spouse, and divorce! Yet, all of those things are legal. Therefore the argument holds no water. And lastly, not all marriages are Christian! Or even religious for that matter! Everybody is entitled to their own viewpoint as long as that viewpoint doesn’t condone violence against each other.

Now from a governmental standpoint, you can basically reference above, in America, because the Constitution is tied quite a bit to Christianity, and you can’t tell me the Constitution has never been amended. Please, we do it all the time, because, again that was written 1787, and you can’t tell me society hasn’t changed by leaps and bounds since then! Our forefathers came here to escape being persecuted for their own religions and view points, to create a free Society to do as they wished, atleast until the Puritanical fervor caught ahold. So to not change it, to fit our Society now, in itself, is Unconstitutional!

Let’s set religion aside. And take the viewpoint, Gay Marriage is only going to bring money to whatever community endorses it. Trust me, the Gays that want to get married are going to get married so fast, the courts will be pouring in the dough. Divorce attorneys should also take delight…! More money, more jobs. And while we are still based around a monetary system of trade, until something new is invented, (i’m sorry but all the systems are failing right now and need reform) – Money helps fuel a society when it is spread more evenly.

And now for the most basic of arguments which really should be rudimentary to all of us, is that if we love someone, and want to spend the rest of our lives with them, or try to, then one person’s love has the same right as another person’s love. Who is to say that one’s love for another Humanbeing is superior to another persons love for somebody else? Nobody can say that. Therefore it is only right, that we offer equal rights, to every man, woman, and any other gender identification you may poses. We are all entitled to same rights!

Earth Day, Everyday

We are living in a time period where we are seeing, on a daily basis, more and more of our natural resources becoming endangered or becoming extinct. Everyday should be Earth Day, but please, today especially, take the time to get some of the facts about our planet. We currently have a major nuclear disaster, a massive oil spill that is going relatively uncleaned up, an ocean that is filling with plastic, increasing temperatures due to loss of atmosphere, and rainforest that is over 50% deforested in less then 50 years.

Find a way to help. Recycle, buy rainforest friendly products, reduce the amount of plastic you use, volunteer at your local conservation organizations, and be proactive about staying informed. Mainstream media is not going to delivery you the facts, so its important to support organizations that are working to preserve our dwindling resources on your own. Our favorite conservation organization is the WWF. Maybe you remember ZooBooks from when you are young? Well they are alot bigger then that. Get info now: and chose your country.

We recently did a symbolic adoption of a tiger through the WWF. Currently the tiger is the most endangered species on the planet. — scroll down for various price ranges for you to donate. This is a fun way to donate to the WWF and help save a beautiful creature, that has less then 3500 members of its species left in the wild. We’ve all been to clubs or parties with more attendees then that. It’s scary.

For a full list of species available for “adoption”, click here:

Read about the World Wildlife Fund:

So whether you donate to the WWF, or your favorite organization, volunteer or go out of your way to buy products made from recycled or biodegradable material, help make today matter, and every day. It is up to us as stewards of this planet to help to restore and preserve it, after all, it’s where we live!

white tiger

Pop as a Worldwide Language

On the tail end of our last post, and for our preparation for our next journey coming at the end of the month, to Asia(!!!), we thought we’d keep with the international vibe and celebrate some of the off of center dance pop of the world.

Let’s start on theme with a little disco number from the UK. Interestingly, this was Sarah Brightman’s of the Opera world’s debut. Funny how it all connects together..

Sarah Brightman with Hot Gossip “I Lost my Heart to a Starship Trooper” (1978)

Sticking to the pop theme for now let’s fast forward to current times and give this act a look. Being billed as a “concept” rather then a “band” (much like the above) I can see big success for this group. Seems to touch on a youthful careful vibe while still being sexy and for grown ups too. However definitely at risk of being too much of a “creation” and too plastic we’ll see how it catches on in the States. Its got all the polish, shine and formula of a other internationally successful pop acts that is for certain. Straight out of South Korea (we don’t often get music from them!):

T-ARA “I Go Crazy Because of You”

T-ARA “(티아라) – Why Are You Being Like This(왜이러니) ”

Now let’s move onto something less slick and slightly more off center.. we’ll ease you in…this has a nerd girl vibe and still nice and bubblegum. Read on after this if you desire something darker. Get to know Japan’s Tomoko Kawase and her two rather clever alter egos. A light side and a dark side…

Tommy February6 “je t’aime ★ je t’aime”

Tommy Heavenly6 “Lollipop Candy ♥BAD♥ Girl”Yes that is a ten minute song with pumpkins, lollipops, and wizards for a band. Love it.

And now for probably the most epic artist we’ve uncovered, with a career spanning from the early 80s until now, she is more ground-breaking then Madonna and far edgier then Lady Gaga (<3 u still babies), and has sold over 25 million records, yet you may have not have heard of her? Because the French have an obsession with the macabre that doesn't always translate to other cultures. We think she is brilliant. Her videos are shot like films; each detail paid attention to from sets to costumes. She has too many amazing videos to post, here is a couple to tempt your palette, look her up and watch them all if you like this. Mylène Farmer "Libertine" (1986)

Mylène Farmer “Oui mais Non” (2010)

The woman doesn’t age and she’s hot too. And she can make one hell of a live show as well.

“Intro Mylene Farmer Live in Bercy 2006″

The video is a little low res which is too bad gotta get our hands on the HQ of this but yes, we are very impressed.

That ought to give you enough to tantalize your music and visual senses for now.

Rogue International Promotion

Recently some Planet Disco members did some traveling and took the opportunity to pass out some postcards and whatnot. Check out some photos! The first photo is NYC, the rest are all taken in Paris, France. Good times.

photo credit: jen hsieh

Check out dj julia dropping beats on her birthday in Paris! Party!

A quick thanks

Art and Music. Thank you for existing. You are the one force that unifies all people in one way or another in a peaceful manner. Not everybody likes the same art, or the same music, but like we are all each individuals; that’s what makes you so special. You are an escape from the confusion and unknown which is life, yet you bring us all closer. Whether you are reflecting life’s ugliest moments or displaying its grandest heights of ecstasy, you have been ever present since the beginning of recorded time.

Whatever higher voice we are all speaking when we express ourselves this way, thanks. Or are we just speaking truly from our own souls? One energy reflecting its true self onto one another?

Its all one.

dj julia radio appearance + afterhours !

Just a quick post to share dj julia’s latest mix from the radio!

Originally aired: 02/18/11

C-89.5FM Electrobox mix 02/18/11 by djjulia


1. Mark Ronson and the INTL Business feat. Boy George “Somebody to Love me” (Holy Ghost! remix)
2. Barresto “Midnight Walk”
3. Pocket 808 “Ghostship” (Hook ‘n Sling remix)
4. Wolfgang Gartner “Latin Fever” (Zedd remix)
5. Starjackers “(Givin) All my Love”
6. Living Joy feat. Janice Robinson “Dreamer 2009″ (Dabruck and Klein remix)
7. Calvertron vs Qalvr “Raw 2 Da Floor” (Lazy Rich remix)
8. Aston Shuffle “For Everybody”
9. Detboi “Voices in Heaven”
10. Kanye West “Blame Game” (Calvertron Booty remix)

Later that night we hit up Friday Afterhours at Club Contour for some dance party action – get a glimpse of dj julia in the mix!

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New Music and Music Page Updates

Its time to add some new music into the music section! First up we are so excited to announce the new project from regular musical contributor, HeartBeats !! In collaboration with his buddy, Jony Tucci, they have started a new duo called MonStar. If this first remix is any indication, there could be some good things to come from these two. Check out their brand new remix of the notorious techno electro hit, “La La Land” by Green Velvet.

Green Velvet – La La Land (MonStar Remix) by MonStar

Great note change and rework of a great song.

HeartBeats has also dropped two new tracks on his soundcloud that he recently shared with us. His remix of JustinTEARS, BMF track is a dark chugger that builds until it drops into an acid synth dominated bouncer. Sounds like square waves grinding freshly fallen lumber like chainsaws in the darkness.

JustinTEARS- BMF (HeartBeats Remix) by HeartBeats

After the toughie above comes a slightly fluffier track entitled “The Empire”. Or so it seems as it opens, and then HeartBeats tech side takes over and drops this into the grinder again. But this time we are lifted back out and delivered to what is reminiscent to some of atmospheric break downs in early rave anthems. Makes you want to turn on the fog machine and hold the hands up loosely outstretched towards the lasers.

The Empire by HeartBeats

Our last addition is a current DJ mix from dj julia. This dropped on C-89.5 FM’s Electrobox show June 18th 2010 as a promo for some upcoming gigs and to share some tracks of electro and electro house past, present and future. Dance Music like you like it.

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